'Bill And Ted 3' Script, 'Water For Elephants' Reviews, 'Game Of Thrones' Worship In Today's Twitter-Wood

Bill and TedIt's Monday, which means the internet is basking in the glow of yesterday's brand new episode of "Game of Thrones." If you went anywhere near a computer in the past 24 hours, you'd know that everybody had something to say about the HBO epic, but we found some celebrity commentary that was a wee-bit outside of the mainstream perspective.

Meanwhile, "Water For Elephants" opened in a strong third place at this weekend's box office, but has garnered mixed reviews. While Hollywood's fickle critics are split, the celebrity consensus is overwhelmingly positive, at least with a sample size of two.

And you know how we told you that a "Bill and Ted 3" script was just weeks away from completion? Turns out that it's already done, and it's in co-star Alex Winter's hands. Station!

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 25, 2011.

Most Excellent: @alxwinter “@antmaurizio: Bill and Ted 3, less than 6 weeks away and counting? Movie is gonna kick some ass." > Just got the script. And now to read...

-Alex Winter, Actor and Director ("Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Lost Boys")

"Water for Elephants" Pt 1: @NickyHilton "Water For Elephants" was a great movie...only problem is I want an elephant now :P

-Nicky Hilton, Fashion Model

"Water for Elephants" Pt 2: @HughHefner "Water For Elephants" was an ideal Easter movie. it reminded me of films from my childhood. I loved it.

-Hugh Hefner, Playboy

@NormMacDonald It seems unfair that I'm an alive guy and Sir Isaac Newton is a dead guy.

-Norm MacDonald, Comedian ("The Sports Show," "Saturday Night Live")

"Games of Thrones" Pt 1: @DougBenson The characters in GAME OF THRONES are very serious about their mythical made-up lives. #ItsNotTV

-Doug Benson, Comedian ("Super High Me")

"Game of Thrones" Pt 2: @Jon_Favreau The credit sequence from Game of Thrones is more entertaining than most tv shows.

-Jon Favreau, Director ("Cowboys & Aliens")

@TomFelton i think i miss being peagreen #borrowers

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter," "Cowboys & Aliens")

"The Voice" Pt 1: @KimKardashian Anyone else excited to see that show The Voice Tuesday night?

-Kim Kardashian, Reality Personality ("Keeping Up With The Kardashians")

"The Voice" Pt 2: @BrianLynch NBC has gone from the "HOP" network to the "THE VOICE" network. I hope they hide Cee-Lo in every Thursday night comedy.

-Brian Lynch, Writer ("Hop")

@MichaelIanBlack New joke: Q: What kind of music do nerds like? A: Algorithms.

-Michael Ian Black, Comedian, Actor ("Wet Hot American Summer," "The State")

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