'The Hangover: Part II' TV Spots Have Gun Shots, The Jonas Brothers And Fun For The Whole Family

The wolf pack is back, ladies and gentlemen, but that doesn't mean they're any better at partying.

Four new TV spots have hit the web to show off "The Hangover: Part II's" hot stuff, and the adventures Stu, Phil and Alan get on in Bangkok seem to be more violent and crazier than ever. Fortunately for us who are counting down the days until May 26, the videos have a whole slew of insanity that we haven't seen before that has us even more excited for the upcoming film.

Read on to find out some of the hilarity we have in store for the second best hangover we've had in three years.

Post-Traumatic Stress

It looks like Stu isn't quite over the last time these fellas had a bachelor party. "Do you see that?" Stu asks while he's getting breakfast with Phil and Doug. "That's orange juice with a napkin on top so nobody roofies me." Sounds like he might need some help for that paranoia. Or, depending on how "Part II" ends up, maybe for some other reasons as well.

No Bachelor Party

Unsurprisingly, Stu doesn't really want to have a bachelor party for his wedding, and also unsurprisingly, it's Phil who's trying to convince him otherwise. What he really should have been watching out for, though, was the wedding rehearsal dinner, because Alan really doesn't know how to keep some secrets quiet.

Same Old Alan

Speaking of Alan, this lead wolf is up to his old tricks. Does he know where the Jonas Brothers are at any given point in time? Of course (they're in Raleigh-Durham). Does he know how to say just the thing to set Stu off? We never had our doubts. No wonder Doug needed to force Stu to invite him to the wedding. So how did he end up getting a semi-automatic in his hands?

Phil Gets Shot

We have no idea how this one comes to pass, but somehow Phil ends up getting shot in the streets of Bangkok. Lesson number one for this film: Don't look to dentist Stu for a doctor's insight, because he screams like a little girl at the sight of blood.

There's Another Baby

Hopefully this one sticks around the breakfast table and doesn't join in on the adventures, though. We think one chain-smoking monkey is enough for one film.

Are you looking forward to "The Hangover: Part II"? What did you think of these TV spots? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!