'Water For Elephants' Director Francis Lawrence Pulls 'Houdini' Out Of His Hat

It's been about a month since we heard anything about Francis Lawrence's planned Houdini film, but with "Water for Elephants" hitting theaters this weekend he's ready to start looking ahead.

When MTV News caught up with the director at the "Water for Elephants" red carpet, he was willing to share what originally drew him to the project. "I'm interested in worlds and one of the things that's really exciting about being a filmmaker is you get to kind of dive into something that you're not an expert in and you get to immerse yourself in," he said.

This is one of four Houdini projects circling around Hollywood right now, but by the way Lawrence talks about his interest in it, it sounds like it could be one of the best: "To immerse myself in turn of the century New York, in 1900 New York, is really exciting, but also into the world of magic, especially the world of Houdini's magic, and the escape arts and who that guy was and his battle against fraud in terms of real magic and spiritualism."

But the other draw for the director is that this version of Houdini's story, originally meant to be helmed by Paul Verhoeven, deals with other major historical figured of the time as well.

"Teddy Roosevelt was the police commissioner in New York City at the time," Lawrence said. "The police corruption, there's just so much happening in New York. I think it's going to be a really fun movie."

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