'30 Minutes Or Less' Red-Band Trailer Delivers Jesse Eisenberg's Pizza And Aziz Ansari's F-Bombs

30 Minutes or LessWhen life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. But what are you supposed to make when life straps a time bomb to your chest with an eye towards detonating in nine hours unless you rob a bank?

The answer is not bombenade, though that sounds like an awesome drink. No, the answer is "30 Minutes or Less," a new comedy that reunites "Zombieland" director Ruben Fleischer and leading man Jesse Eisenberg, albeit with less flesh-eating monsters and much more potty humor. We'll take that trade — just as long as the oft-fabled "Zombieland 2" comes to fruition eventually, of course.

A brand new red-band trailer for "30 Minutes or Less" arrived online yesterday courtesy of IGN, and you can watch it past the jump. But as always, be warned: this trailer is of the extremely unsafe for work variety. Last chance to look away!

The trailer sells the premise as well as it needs to: Eisenberg, playing a pizza delivery boy, is jumped by two literally ape-headed thugs (played by Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) and forced to wear a time bomb on his chest. If he doesn't rob a bank in the next nine hours, the bomb goes off. Nothing your average delivery boy doesn't contend with on a daily basis, right?

But the real selling point, for me at least, is the dynamic between Eisenberg and his co-star Aziz Ansari. I never would have imagined that these two would have such great chemistry — Eisenberg's so Zuckerberg, Ansari's so Tom Haverford — but mixing those two seemingly opposed sensibilities together totally works for me. And the trailer doesn't feel like it's giving away every great joke in the movie, which is always a tricky line to ride when it comes to promoting comedies.

All in all, I'm psyched for "30 Minutes or Less," more so now after this trailer. What do you think? Good stuff? Think it'll bomb? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!