'Spy Kids 4': Jessica Alba Risks Life, Limb And Babies As Sexy Spy Mom In First Official Photo

Jessica AlbaIt's been eight years since the last "Spy Kids" movie, and boy, things have changed. For one, the kids aren't really kids anymore -- Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara are 22 and 18 years old, respectively, and are probably just a few years too old to be in Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids" Rolodex these days.

But the wheels turn, and the "Spy Kids" franchise is being relaunched this year with original director Rodriguez at the helm. It'll star a newly-expecting Jessica Alba as a retired spy mom who gets thrown back into the biz when an evil Jeremy Piven shows up to do something or other.

Dimension tossed out the first image from the movie (via Bleeding Cool), showing a positively worried Alba holding her daughter, getting ready for spy stuff. And even if the image is just a smidge on the cheesy side, we actually think there's good cause to get excited over Alba's sexy spy mom -- and, as if you needed them, we've got the reasons why past the jump.

Spy Silly is Back In

From Bourne to Bond, we've seen too many spies trying to look gritty and/or suave. Even the guys in "Get Smart" tried to wear suits. Alba's costume is just a retread of previous "Spy Kids" outfits, but it's a wonderfully silly contraction, screaming "serious" while made of skin-tight material and all sorts of belt loops. I mean, what kind of spy could really sneak around in that? Come on, now!

Unconventional Parenting

While we think taking your baby into the field is a weird way of homeschooling, we admire Alba's maternal devotion. It can be hard for working parents to get in time with their kids, and there's no better place for a fussy child than the middle of a gunfight between the forces of good and evil.

Alright, Sure, Jessica Alba

Starting off your 30s with a "Spy Kids" role may be an auspicious career move for Alba, who's publicly spoken about taking on more mature roles following her years-long stint as the P.G.O.A.T. (Prettiest Girl Of All Time). But she's playing a mom, a wild departure from the dancer/surfer/stripper type of role she got famous for and the type of role that will slowly recontextualize her as an older actress, believe it or not. You never thought you'd hear the term "veteran actress Jessica Alba," did you?

Funny Sidekicks

It's always a blast when funny actors take that studio cash, and "Spy Kids 4" will see Jeremy Piven as a villain and Joel McHale as Alba's husband, chewing scenery and doing their thing. Will McHale make fun of himself on "The Soup"? Boy, we hope so.

Recasting Gender Roles

And who says working moms can't get it done? Alba stands as living proof against all those naysayers who think a woman's place is in the home and not the laboratory of an evil scientist bent on destroying the world. You get 'em, ma!

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