The 'Harry Potter' Team Comes Out For Daniel Radcliffe's 'How To Succeed' Broadway Revival

Daniel Radcliffe was over the moon when we talked to him in March after his "Harry Potter" costar, Alan Rickman, had come to a performance of Radcliffe's Broadway show "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." So with the rest of the "Potter" cast in town for the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" DVD release, Radcliffe told MTV News how his former wizard pals turned out in full-force to watch him perform live.

"David Thewlis's reaction was the sweetest, I've got to say," Radcliffe said. "I know David, and he's a lovely guy, and I don't think in all the time that we've spent together we've ever talked about musicals. It's terrible. I know he's a lovely, funny, he's not a deep, heavy guy, but when someone's in that film 'Naked,' musicals probably aren't your thing. But he just loved it, and he was just over the moon. He was really proud, and it was really, really cool."

In addition to Thewlis, who plays former Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Remus Lupin, "Potter" costars Helen McCrory, Bonnie Wright, James and Oliver Phelps, Evanna Lynch and Freddie Stroma all stopped by to see it. But, according to Radcliffe, there's someone else's approval who he would love to have for his performance.

"The one that happened on 'Equus,' which someone told me five minutes before the show that Steven Sondheim was in the audience, and I totally just, I had the worst show I think I've ever had. If you get his seal of approval, you're kind of made, in this part of the town particularly," Radcliffe said. "I suppose, if I knew he was in the audience, I would be very nervous."

Radcliffe said that one star who has returned twice so far to see him perform was Liza Minelli, who he has since met and chatted with. But considering the legacy that "How To Succeed" has on Broadway, the "Potter" star said that he was a little bit bummed that neither of the previous two J. Pierrepont Finches -- Robert Morse and Matthew Broderick -- have come to see the show.

"I heard a rumor that Robert Morse was going to be opening night, but he wasn't," Radcliffe said. "I really hope both he and Matthew [Broderick] come, because I'd love to hear their thoughts and hear what the experience was like for them, particularly Robert Morse because he was particularly iconic in this role."

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