Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson And A Runaway Bank Vault In New 'Fast Five' Clip In Today's Dailies

What's a police barricade or a concrete wall when you've got The Rock and Vin Diesel on your side?

A new clip from "Fast Five," out next Friday, has hit the Internet courtesy of The Sun (via Latino Review), and if you were on the fence about getting fast and furious again, this should be enough to convince you. The clip follows Diesel and buddy Paul Walker stealing a bank vault with Dwayne Johnson in hot pursuit. It's a gig that would put Danny Ocean to shame.

After the jump, find out which Marvel movies will be coming out after "The Avengers," what happened to Lindsay Lohan's role in "Gotti: Three Generations" and what "I Am Legend's" monsters could have looked like without GC.

Marvel Won't Stop With "Avengers"

Kevin Feige just made a lot of comic book fans very happy. He spilled the beans in a recent interview that not only are "Thor" and "Captain America" sequels on the horizon, but we also could see Black Widow, Hawkeye and S.H.I.E.L.D. standalone flicks after "The Avengers" his theaters in 2012. So don't overdose on your share of Marvel this summer, there's a lot more to come.

Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out Of "Gotti: Three Generations"

With the news yesterday that Nick Cassavettes was unable to continue his plan to direct the John Travolta-starring crime drama "Gotti: Three Generations," TMZ has unsurprisingly learned that Lindsay Lohan will no longer be a part of the project either. The gossip site reports that Lohan's demands for the role were too much for the film's producer, Marc Fiore, to deal with.

Zach Braff On His Next Directing Gig

Many were surprised when Zach Braff, best known as a comedian on "Scrubs," dropped his indie gem "Garden State" into Sundance in 2005 that went on to become a relatively big success. Braff has been unable to, as he puts it, "navigate the Hollywood system" and helm another flick, but he promises Coming Soon that we'll see a follow-up soon. "I could have made a crap movie ten times over but I'm trying to make a really good movie that I stand by and that I believe in, so tell all of those people who are waiting, 'I thank you so much and it's coming,'" he said.

New Writer For McG's "Ouija"

Since "Tron: Legacy" writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had to depart the upcoming "Ouija" board game movie to focus on their ABC fantasy pilot "Once Upon a Time," McG has been on the hunt for a new writer to pen the flick's script. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's found one in the form of Evan Spiliotopoulos, best known for penning many direct-to-DVD Disney animated pictures.

"I Am Legend" Without GCI Monsters

The Will Smith-starring post-apocalyptic zombie flick "I Am Legend" came out in 2007, but even so our interest was piqued when makeup FX artist Steve Johnson shared just how cool his practical FX tests for the monsters in the movie would have looked. You can check out his video footage here, and mourn with us over what could have been a much scarier film.

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