Happy 4/20: Kevin Smith Reveals His Seth Rogen-Inspired Stoner Philosophy

Today is April 20, a day that's known for several reasons: it's the day after Skynet became self-aware (and the day before he kick-started a nuclear holocaust that destroyed mankind), yes, but it's also the unofficial holiday for stoners across the world. While we're not about to endorse 4/20 in any way here on Movies Blog — though if you're looking for some appropriate movies to zone out to today, we've got some suggestions — it does strike us as an opportune time to dig back into the not-too-distant past archives of our interview with "Clerks" and "Red State" filmmaker Kevin Smith.

You might think that Smith is a lifelong stoner based on the subject matter his movies tends to cover, but when we spoke to him back in February, Kevin said that he only started smoking very recently — all thanks to his "Zack and Miri" collaborator Seth Rogen.

"One of the most talented people I worked with in my life was Seth Rogen," Smith told us. "I got so much from him. He re-energized me in a weird way… I became a stoner because of Seth Rogen."

Smith, who said he'd only gotten high a few times in his life until that point, marveled at Rogen's ability to get stoned while managing to stay incredibly productive in his professional life. It was a model he wanted to emulate: "He made it seem like career-stoning was possible. This is a functioning stoner! He was the first person I'd ever met who was a weed smoker who comes to work on time, never has a problem, has brilliant ideas and is constantly writing."

After indulging Rogen's request to smoke with each other on the last day of shooting "Zack and Miri," Smith said his eyes were opened to all-new possibilities: "It was awesome. We sat back, watched some footage and sat there smoking. And I loved who I was. I loved how the inhibition dropped away and I loved just being honest."

"That dude gave me the greatest gift I've had in the last five years," Smith said. "The moment I start smoking, I start working. ... That way, no one could ever take it away from you. No one could ever say, 'You fat, lazy piece of sh-- stoner!'"

So, if Smith's out there celebrating 4/20 today, something tells us he's just as busy working on finishing up "Red State" or getting "Hit Somebody" started. We can hope, at least!

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