'The Great Gatsby' Casting Couch: Ben Affleck's Out, So Who Should Play Tom?

Ben AffleckNews dropped this morning that Ben Affleck is no longer attached to Baz Luhrmann's 3-D take on "The Great Gatsby" playing the story's resident drunken cad, Tom Buchanan, so we here at MTV Movies Blog have decided that the task of finding the man to play the part should fall upon us.

As daunting as that seems, and after a heated debate this morning, we feel we've found five viable options for the role. Here's what we got...

Jon Hamm

He's about the right age, has the experience playing this guy on "Mad Men" and has girls swooning. (For instance, we swooned as we typed his name!) Then again, he already plays a guy like Tom on the small screen. Nothing is worse than seeing someone as talented as Hamm get typecast, no matter how good he looks in a suit.

Bradley Cooper

It doesn't hurt that he really wants to play the part. He basically cast himself in the role during a chat with the New York Times. But maybe he want the part a little too much. (Think Sean Young.)

Patrick Wilson

The "Little Children" star has the look and is an understated enough actor that might perfectly pick out Tom's subtleties as a cheating rich dude. As for why he wouldn't get cast, well, this film is loaded with star-power... and who's Patrick Wilson again?

James Marsden

He's good looking and perhaps there's a Tom Buchanan living inside of him, but… hello, James Marsden? We love the guy, but we're not sure anyone would buy him as Tom. He might always be the guy who got his heart broken in "The Notebook." [Ed. Note: Marsden was totally my pick, and I freely admit to being a founding member of the James Marsden For Every Role Ever Club (JMFEREC). Just sayin'.]

Ryan Reynolds

He's played this smarmy guy before, but never in a drama. It might be nice to see his range. But we don't know that he'd really get cast: he's America's sweetheart, after all. Enough said.

Who do you think should play Tom? Think Ben was the right guy? Tell us in the comments!