Daniel Radcliffe's Director Wish-List Includes Christopher Nolan And The Coen Brothers

Daniel Radcliffe is at a point in his life where, in our opinion, he can do just about anything he wants.

Fortunately, as the "Harry Potter" star already told us when he stopped by to chat about his new musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," he's already pushing himself to try as many new and exciting things as he can without falling into any sort of "child star" trap. We definitely recognize and respect that motivation, and we're sure that's a sentiment echoed by many people in Hollywood.

So when DanRad started listing off his dream group of film directors and actors that he would love to work with, we didn't think those hopes actually coming to life was as unrealistic as he seemed to. After the jump, we go through the people Radcliffe said he'd love to work on a project with and then offer our suggestions as to some potential team-ups.


Radcliffe says: "Christopher Nolan is, I think, one of the best, most ambitious directors around, and apparently, I've spoken to people who work with him, who just say he's great, he knows exactly what he wants. I've heard such great things about him to work with as well as to obviously see the amazing work that he's done. He would be very, very high up on my list."

Our suggestion: Yes, we've heard over and over again that there's no chance "The Dark Knight Rises" will be getting a Robin, but if it did, wouldn't Radcliffe's charming brand of enthusiasm be perfect for the job? If not, we're sure he could definitely land a role in whatever crazy thrill ride Nolan dreams up next.


Radcliffe says: "The Coen brothers. If we're talking dream world here, the Coens."

Our suggestion: Again, it doesn't seem like we need to be in a "dream world" for Radcliffe to get a chance to work with Joel and Ethan Coen. The only film the directing duo has on the horizon right now is "Gambit," which they penned, so that's not quite the same as having them direct a flick, but if he did manage to squeeze out a role on the project he would again be working opposite his "Potter" costar Alan Rickman which we would more than love to see.


Radcliffe says: "Edgar Wright is someone that I love, I was a huge fan of 'Scott Pilgrim.' I love some of that stuff."

Our suggestion: The Boy Who Lived teaming up with the director of "Shaun of the Dead"? We would kill to see that combo!


Radcliffe says: "Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow and all those guys I think do fantastic work."

Our suggestion: Well why didn't you just say something, DanRad! When Tom Felton vocalized his adoration of Jonah Hill and the gang, he ended up getting a cameo in "Get Him To The Greek," so maybe now Apatow can find a place for Radcliffe in his "Knocked Up" sequel, "This Is Forty."


Radcliffe says: "James McAvoy's work is stuff that I just go, 'Brilliant.' Daniel Craig... there are just so many great actors around that I could learn so much from and would love to."

Our suggestion: Somehow we doubt Daniel Radcliffe is going to have any issue attracting high profile stars that he respects to any of his future projects.

Who would you most like to see Radcliffe team up with? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!