'Super 8' Interactive Trailer Featured In 'Portal 2'

Super 8The worlds of movies and video games don't often mix well together, but in the case of the upcoming "Super 8" and the just-released "Portal 2," exceptions can be made.

"Portal 2" hits shelves today courtesy of Valve Corporation, and you can read all about it thanks to MTV Multiplayer's review of the game. But it's not just the first-person puzzling adventure that the "Portal" sequel has in store for you — it also offers an up close and personal look at "Super 8," the secretive summer movie from J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

Kotaku alerts us to an interactive trailer for "Super 8" that was included in "Portal 2" as a special feature. And when we say interactive, we really mean it: Valve is giving you the chance to hop inside the world of "Super 8" and play out one of the most memorable scenes from the film's various trailers.

Gamers assume the role of an unidentified passenger on board the infamous train that crashes at the beginning of the trailer, beginning inside the rushing locomotive and eventually outside of the wreck, as circumstances would have it. There isn't much freedom to roam around the fiery crash site, and while things end predictably — and, to a degree, frustratingly — it's still cool to live in the world of "Super 8," if only for a few moments.

Abrams' projects have a history of playing out across various forms of media — the viral marketing associated with both "Super 8" and "Cloverfield," not to mention the alternate reality game pegged to "Lost," come most readily to mind — but this latest cross-venture with "Portal 2" is perhaps the most interesting tie-in of them all, if only because it begs the question: is this just an innovative marketing tactic, or is it the first sign of a grander "Super 8" video game? Just like the mysterious movie, the answers aren't clear... for now.

Are you impressed by the "Super 8" and "Portal 2" crossover? Are you looking forward to the film? Do you plan on picking up the game? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!