'Game Of Thrones' Renewed For A Second Season, And Here's What You Can Look Forward To

Game of ThronesThe things HBO does for love.

The network confirmed today that "Game of Thrones" will return for a second season, despite the show's good but not great opening numbers. But the ratings were solid enough, and considering the passionate built-in fan base for the show and what non-believers were able to see for themselves in the first episode, one thing is for sure: winter is sticking around for another year.

There are plenty of exciting twists and turns in store in season one, but based on the progression of the novels, "Game of Thrones" should pick up the pace even further once we get to season two, which will be an adaptation of the second book in George R.R. Martin's series, "A Clash of Kings." After the jump, we detail all the great stuff you viewers out there have in store next year -- but be warned, spoilers lurk below!

The War Of The Five Kings

Not to give too much away in terms of the spoilers, but there comes a point in "Clash of Kings" when there are five different men who believe they have a claim to the Iron Throne who, as expected, fight for it. "Game of Thrones" doesn't have that much in terms of the heavy action department, but expect some epic all out battle sequences come season two. And we get to finally meet Brienne of Tarth, which will make MTV News writer (and fellow "Game of Thrones" enthusiast) Kara Warner exceptionally happy.

Daenerys, Daenerys, Daenerys

After her subdued, somewhat sad introduction in the pilot episode, you might wonder how Daenerys Targaryen could possibly become one of the central characters in the entire "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga, but trust me, she does. It takes some time for Dany to finally come into her own, but when she does, it's a fiery climax that will have you begging for season two to come sooner. Saying anything more would be saying too much.

Magic Is Returning

Get ready for some honest-to-goodness wizardry when season two introduces us to quite a few different types of magic dealers, some good, many bad. The most colorful of these is the red priestess Melissandre, who has become attached at the hip to King Robert's brother Stannis. Thanks to her, we get one of the most disturbing "birth" scenes I personally have ever read in fiction, ever -- and it'll look absolutely awesome on the small screen.

All Dwarfs May Be Bastards, But Not All Bastards Need Be Dwarfs

The small but brilliant Tyrion Lannister and Ned Stark's bastard son Jon Snow get some pretty great storylines over the course of the next book. Tyrion attains a powerful new position at King's Landing, while Jon discovers that there is an even more real and present danger north of the Wall than the White Walkers we met at the beginning of episode one.

The Plot Thickens

"Clash of Kings" takes everything you love about "Game of Thrones" and enhances it immensely. The characters become more complex, your favorites go on crazy adventures, the action amps up, new twists are added to the mix, the mythology becomes richer and Sansa just keeps on being a pain in the ass. If you're on the fence -- or, in this case, the wall -- stick around: winter is coming, and you'll want to be there when it does.

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