'Abduction': Will Taylor Lautner's Latest Action Flick Launch A New Franchise?

There are still a good five months until Taylor Lautner's latest, "Abduction," hits theaters, but based on the great response the film's trailer got, we figure it's never too soon to start thinking about franchises.

Lautner already has one strong franchise -- "The Twilight Saga" -- under his belt, so when MTV News caught up with the star to talk about "Abduction," conversation naturally turned to the idea of making the action flick into a series just like the Jason Bourne films.

"You never know," he said. "Right now, focusing on 'Abduction.' Just want to make it the best film as possible, really hope people enjoy it. We'll see. There are a lot of things that would have to happen before that."

Over and over again, Lautner has repeated that he had an extremely positive experience on the "Abduction" set, so with the film finally wrapped and fading into hazy memory now that Lautner has been so busy filming "Breaking Dawn," MTV's Josh Horowitz asked the star if there was any particularly great memory he had from set. "Trying to pick a favorite would be so tough," Lautner hedged, before adding that it was his experience with the cast and crew that he treasured more than any particular scene.

"I became so close with the whole cast and [director] John [Singleton], so I mean I think I just I cherish those relationships because now I still talk to everybody that was in the movie, I still see John all the time and continually working on the film," Lautner said. "So really I'm just thankful for the relationships I made on that movie. I met some great people."

The future looks bright for Lautner now, with projects like the final two "Twilight" films and the upcoming "Incarceron" adaptation on the horizon, so it seems fair to say this is a young star who will be sticking around for a while. So can he picture what we'll be talking about in terms of his career in five or 10 years?

"Oh man, I can't," Lautner said with a laugh. "I just hope we're still talking!"

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