Natalie Portman And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Get Dirty 'N Wet In Exclusive 'Hesher' Clip

Sometimes life give you the finger, and sometimes it gives you an exclusive clip from "Hesher," the upcoming indie dramedy starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman.

We've got a first look at a scene from the movie for you right here on Movies Blog, but be warned that it falls under the red-band, not-so-safe-for-work category. Watch under the right circumstances!

Some details on "Hesher," in case you're not too familiar with the project: the Spencer Susser-directed film, which first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010, centers on young T.J. (Devin Brochu) who, along with his troubled father (Rainn Wilson), moves in with his grandmother (Piper Laurie) in the wake of T.J.'s mother's tragic death. As he deals with his loss, T.J. comes into contact with another similarly troubled soul named Hesher (Gordon-Levitt), a shaggy-haired and tattoo-stamped individual who cruises into T.J.'s life without any warning or invitation. Along for the ride is Nicole (Natalie Portman), a local grocery clerk who does what she can to prevent Hesher's bad influence from spreading too far.

In this MTV-exclusive clip, Hesher leads Nicole and T.J. to a strange house, taking them to the backyard where there's a pool.

"Whose house is this?" Nicole asks.

"It's my uncle's house," Hesher coolly replies.

"Where's your uncle?"

"He's right over there," he tells her, before pulling off the classic made-you-look gag—albeit with a dirty and wet twist.

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