'Game Of Thrones': Peter Dinklage On Becoming A Sex Symbol And Tyrion's Relationship With Women

Last night was the hotly anticipated premiere of HBO's epic fantasy drama "Game of Thrones," and we've been amping you up for the event over the past week by rolling out interviews with actors including Sean Bean and series creator George R.R. Martin. We also spoke with Peter Dinklage, who plays the cunning and intelligent dwarf brother to the queen, Tyrion Lannister. It was pretty hard to miss Tyrion's introduction, too, as he made his on-screen debut through a pretty steamy sex scene.

There's a lot of sex in "Game of Thrones," and Tyrion has quite a few scandalous scenes in his future on the show. Because of that, we couldn't resist asking Dinklage whether he's looking forward to becoming the series' latest sex symbol.

Needless to say, the actor was a bit flustered. "Are you talking to somebody behind me? Or someone in front of me?" he joked with a laugh.

He didn't answer our question directly, but Dinklage did cede that sex tends to come with the territory when making a TV series for HBO.

"It's HBO, I mean, you know, it's life. It's sex and death. Got to show it all," he said. "HBO is very liberal and it's nice. It's good. You need that stuff."

As we teased earlier, Dinklage will have quite a few sex scenes in his future, and also has several very interesting relationships with the love interests in his life to look forward to as well. When we asked Dinklage about his thoughts on Tyrion's future flings, he seemed to get a big excited.

"Oh yeah, yeah yeah, his relationship to women is very fascinating. Because women are fascinating, complicated," he said. "Because of his past, he has some real bad things that happened to him in his past and that really reflects upon how he deals with his relationships. I think he deals with them pretty well."

We might find a few reasons to debate that statement (uhh, Shae, anyone?) but we'll just have to wait and see how that relationship comes across on the small screen.

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