'Game Of Thrones': Sean Bean Is 'Flattered' By Fan Reaction To His Casting As Ned Stark

When it comes to the reason most unaffiliated people are interested in HBO's upcoming fantasy series "Game of Thrones," the casting of Sean Bean is pretty high up on the list.

Most people know Bean on sight as That Guy from "Lord of the Rings" (Boromir) or The Bad Guy in so many movies ("Goldeneye," "National Treasure," among others), but somehow he has become intricately tied with the fantasy genre. It helps that his role as Boromir was widely regarded as one of the best characters in "Fellowship of the Ring," and that he's a great actor, so that when Bean was cast as Lord Eddard Stark in "Game of Thrones," he quickly became the highest billed actor on the sheet.

When MTV caught up with Bean about a month ago to talk about the upcoming series (premiering tomorrow), he said he was a bit unaware of the way fans have embraced his casting.

"I'm not really familiar with computers and blog sites and stuff like that, but I've heard some good things," Bean said. "So that's encouraging. They seem to think I'm a suitable choice for the role so I'm flattered by that."

Bean's Lord Eddard is a bit of a different take from the roles he has been known for in the past. Ned Stark is honorable to a fault and the central character of the early episodes of the show, and easily can be considered the main character in the series. Having the fan support -- and being the person to convince skeptics that this show might actually be worth watching -- is a hefty responsibility to bear, and we're glad that Bean seems to be able to take it in stride.

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