'Game Of Thrones': Star Emilia Clarke Teases Her Favorite (And Most Gruesome) Scene

In writing so much about HBO's epic "Game of Thrones" recently, I'm realizing once again how much I love everything about George R.R. Martin's complex world and characters (I read the books a couple years ago, and had to put them away so as not to obsess and reread them all the time). Tyrion, Arya, Jon Snow, Brienne and Dany — of course Dany!

When MTV News caught up with lovely actress Emilia Clarke awhile back, we discussed a few of the most intriguing aspects of Danarys Targaryen, particularly her character's arc, those steamy sex scenes, Clarke's thoughts on certain fantastical creatures like, say, dragons, and her favorite moments in the series. SPOILER ALERT: Minor spoilers about Dany and a certain Dothraki ritual are below!

"My favorite scene to film, there are so many," the bright and bubbly Clarke said. "Looking back on it, I was saying before the horse's heart scene, where I get to eat the horse heart, that was pretty awesome."

"It was amazing because at the end of it, the Dothraki people accept [Dany] for the first time and the extras we had there, and the drums playing, it's just exhilarating, it's amazing," she said. "I'm covered in blood and I'm pregnant, it's just, you can't get more bad ass than that."

Regarding that rather gruesome scene, I was curious about what the heart that Clarke eats is really made of.

"It was made of, they kind of said it was made of gummy bears, so I got really excited," she recalled with a laugh. "It kind of tasted a little bit worse than gummy bears. It was sort of like congealed jam. That's the best way I can describe it!"

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