'Cowboys And Aliens' Trailer, 'Scream 4' Release And Emma Watson's Birthday In Today's Twitter-Wood

Cowboys and AliensA new trailer for "Cowboys & Aliens" was released on "American Idol" last night and it sent Twitter all atwitter. While we're not sure the title implies a singular champion, we've got some celebrity predictions for which side comes out on top.

"Game of Thrones" premieres Sunday and we keep forgetting that it's not a movie. But there's something about it that makes us love it. We're guessing it's the brooding and the violence (Just like in the movies!). We've got some early reviews fresh off the Twitter.com Internet Website. Meanwhile, "Scream 4" lands in theaters and it's Emma Watson's 21st birthday today. See what Voldemort had to say!

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 15th, 2011.

Cowboys & Aliens Pt 1: @AdamLevine I honestly feel like Cowboys can't beat Aliens under any circumstances. We're talking about ALIENS here.

-Adam Levine, Lead Singer ("Maroon 5")

Cowboys & Aliens Pt 2: @Jonahhill Cowboys & Aliens looks siiiiiick: http://t.co/zJoj1H7

-Jonah Hill, Actor/Comedian ("Superbad," "Get Him To The Greek")

@Lord_Voldemort7 Emma Watson turns 21 & the Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD releases today. I'd say she cleverly planned this but she's not Hermione Granger.

-Lord Voldemort, Dark Lord ("Harry Potter")

@DanHarmon Congratulations to the 8 people that watched last night's Community. We're officially the most intimate viewing experience on television!

-Dan Harmon, Writer/Creator ("Community")

Game of Thrones: @PeterTravers Best movie this weekend? HBO's Game of Thrones. OK, it's TV, but I take spectacular where I find it. Peter Dinklage is an acting rock star.

-Peter Travers, Film Critic ("Rolling Stone")

@NormMacDonald The worst part of Little League baseball is how the players all suck.

-Norm MacDonald, Actor/Comedian ("Saturday Night Live," "Sports Show")

@EugeneMirman I hope out of altruistic self-interest the production company behind Atlas Shrugged buys everyone in America tickets to Atlas Shrugged.

-Eugene Mirman, Actor/Comedian ("Bobs Burgers," "Delocated")

SCRE4M: @WesCravenToday is the day. #SCREAM4

-Wes Craven, Director ("Scream 4")

@PaulFeig Trying to remember if I've ever taken a vitamin that hasn't gotten lodged halfway down my windpipe. Hmm ... nope.

-Paul Feig Writer/Director ("Unaccompanied Minors," "The Office")

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