'Game Of Thrones': Sean Bean On Ned Stark And Jon Snow's 'Heartbreaking' Relationship

The countdown continues! The epic "Game of Thrones" premiere is inching closer and closer... and as such, MTV News is at your service with as much "GoT" goodness as we can muster. Like tidbits from author George R.R. Martin and stars Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean.

This latest clip from my interview with Bean is focused on the very complex and heartbreaking relationship that his character, Ned Stark, has with his illegitimate son, Jon Snow.

"It's a quite sad relationship, really," Bean said. "It's quite heartbreaking because Ned cannot show too much love and tenderness towards his son because his wife knows that he is Ned's bastard, he was born out of wedlock when Ned had a fling. It's very heartbreaking for him."

"The actor [Kit Harington] who plays it, he's wonderful," Bean added. "I don't know how he does it, just the right amounts of pathos and enthusiasm and youth and vigor. You can see the sadness in his eyes, he did a great job. We never can quite hug, or I can never really treat him as my other sons or other daughters and it's heartbreaking."

It so IS. As someone who is totally and competely obsessed with this property, and has been very lucky to have seen a few episodes already, their fractured dynamic is one of the most wonderfully moving and poignant in the books and the show (Not to mention the agonizing fact that there are STILL details missing from that complicated history...).

In other words, keep a wide open eye out on the relationship between Ned and Jon when "Game of Thrones" kicks off this Sunday (April 17). There are quite a few storylines to keep track of, but the dynamic between this sadly distanced duo is one that you absolutely cannot ignore.

What do you think of Bean's thoughts? Do the details surrouding the Harrenhall Tourney keep you up at night like they do me? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!