MTV Movie Awards: Vote For The Winner Of Xfinity's 2011 MTV Movie Awards Contest

MTV Movie AwardsThe 2011 MTV Movie Awards are just around the corner, and while you're waiting for the official nominees to be announced, you have the chance to make one lucky fan's Movie Awards dreams come true.

Earlier in the month we told you about MTV and Xfinity's joint contest where YOU could win the chance to fly out to Los Angeles and attend this year's MTV Movie Awards. All you had to do was log in to and upload a short video explaining why we should send you to have a great time at this year's show.

It's too late to enter the contest, but we've officially moved into the next phase — it's time to vote for a winner, and that choice is completely in your hands!

Over 50 different contestants are currently vying for their chance to attend this year's MTV Movie Awards out in Los Angeles, where they'll have all access to the show throughout the weekend with passes to screenings and press events, not to mention the show itself. But of the many people competing, which one is going to win the grand prize? Well, that depends on who you cast your vote for, doesn't it?

So go over to the contest's official Facebook page and check out all of the contestants currently competing for the opportunity to get up close and personal with the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, then make sure to cast your vote for your favorite contestant!