Taylor Lautner's 'Abduction' Hero Versus Jason Bourne: 'Give Him A Couple Years,' Says The Star

People were already drawing comparisons between Taylor Lautner's "Abduction" and Matt Damon's Jason Bourne series well before the "Twilight" star debuted his latest film's first full trailer last night, but now, there's simply no denying the shared traits between the two movies -- not even Taylor would fight the comparisons.

"It definitely has a lot of similarities to 'Bourne,'" he confessed during last night's MTV First: Taylor Lautner event, where the young actor debuted the "Abduction" trailer. "I would say Nathan Price's journey takes place before Jason Bourne's started. When Jason realized, when he was searching for his true identity, he was already a trained expert. Now Nathan, [he's just discovering his abilities]."

If Taylor's already entertaining the comparisons, then it's only fair to ask: who would win in a fight between Nathan and Jason?

"I think Nathan would need a little more training," Taylor answered with a laugh. "Give him a couple more years and he'll get there. Jason Bourne, he's pretty tough -- but we'll see."

Good to know that even Taylor understands that his character needs a few years before he can go up against the considerably more seasoned Bourne. But part of his answer likely lies in the fact that for Taylor, Damon is one of the single most iconic action stars of his time.

"Obviously he's great at the action, but he's got everything else," he explained. "He's done everything from comedy to drama to action to thriller. He's really challenged himself throughout his career. Action isn't all he can do, and that's what I tried to bring to the role. I hope people see that."

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