'Game Of Thrones': HBO Was 'The Only Place We Could Go,' Says Creator George R.R. Martin

It seems only natural, having read "Game of Thrones" and being an avid fan of HBO, for those two to come together this Sunday in the form of an epic new TV series. But series author George R.R. Martin says the process of bringing his fantasy novels to the screen was easier said than done.

"I had had other inquiries from people who wanted to do it and I didn’t like the things they said, or people would tell me oh, we want to do this as a feature film, and I'd say how the hell are you going to do this is as a feature film? It's gigantic! You can't get it into two hours," Martin said. "So then I met with [show creators] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] and they said all the right things. I had a great feeling about them from the first. They loved the books, they knew the books inside and out. We had a lunch that lasted into supper. It was terrific. So I felt good."

Still, it was hard for Martin to feel completely comfortable putting his story in other peoples' hands.

"It's a little about the sending your kids off to school for the first time. You've had your kids and they're your kids and they've lived at home and now you're going to trust them to other people," he said. "There's always the element of nervousness: the other people seem nice, but how do you really know?"

It certainly helped that Benioff and Weiss were so passionate about it, but the real clincher for Martin was the fact the series would end up on HBO.

"David and Dan seemed great and we all agreed that HBO was the only place we could go for this because of the quality of the shows they do and their whole approach to that so we were in accord for that," Martin said. "So I felt good about giving my kids to David and Dan, and it seems to have worked out well."

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