'The Hobbit': Peter Jackson Takes You Behind The Scenes In First Production Video

The HobbitOh, the powers of the Internet.

More than a decade ago, when "The Lord of the Rings" first started production, we had to wait for the extended edition DVD box sets to hit stores before we could catch a glimpse of some of the magic that went into putting Peter Jackson's first epic trilogy together. But now, thanks to Facebook, video blogs, and the continuous need for online audiences to see more more more (and perhaps just a little bit more), we're able to get a glimpse into the world of "The Hobbit" now.

Jackson has uploaded a 10 minute video to his Facebook account that chronicles the recent start of shooting, and let's just say that he definitely knows how to work his audience. A glimpse at Elrond's chambers? Check. Ian McKellan in Bag End? Check. Andy Serkis getting his Gollum make-up put on? Heck yeah.

The Sets

The video opens up with a look at some of the most iconic sets from "Lord of the Rings," recreated for "The Hobbit." Despite the fact that Bag End and Elrond's Chambers are exact replicas of their previous incarnations, seeing them again is still enough to make our breath catch. The fact that Jackson promised new bits of Rivendell that will be a surprise us in "The Hobbit" films only ups the anticipation as well.


Or at least that's how Jackson refers to it. Basically, we get a first look at Bilbo's climactic first meeting with the dwarves, but without the actors being in costume. It's still a thrill, though, because we get to see Martin Freeman walking around the set for the first time, and also get an epic first look at Ian McKellan!

The Return Of Old Friends

Clearly trying to milk the fan anticipation of McKellan returning for "The Hobbit," Jackson tried to get the beloved actor to say something clever for the blog video, but ended up just getting some wry comment about how Gandalf doesn't need a fat suit in this flick. Then we get to see Andy Serkis getting his Gollum make-up applied, and finding out that he is officially the first actor from "The Hobbit" in the make-up chair. How precious.

First Day Of Shooting

Jackson dropped a major bomb on us in this video (though we kind of already anticipated it): "The Hobbit" shooting schedule starts off with Bilbo meeting Gollum for the first time. We get a great walkthrough of the goblin tunnels below the Misty Mountains as a tease for what's in store, and then...

Bilbo Finds The Ring!

Oh Peter Jackson, what a tease. Yes, that's right folks, when we finally do get a glimpse behind the camera at the very end of this video, the shot is of Martin Freeman as Bilbo picking up the One Ring for the first time. Can it get any more badass then that? Well, maybe if we were to see Smaug, but that will just have to wait for a future video.

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