No 'Snow White' For Hugh Jackman, Amy Adams Won't 'Rock' In Today's Casting Call

Hugh JackmanWanted: An actress willing to rock out with Tom Cruise and an actor hoping to have a fairy tale experience with Kristen Stewart.

Hollywood could have very well posted a sign for that today, as two huge roles opened up yet again. After rumors that Hugh Jackman would be stepping in to play the Huntsman in "Snow White and the Huntsman" after Viggo Mortensen dropped out, The Wrap put the kibosh on that reporting that the star won't take the part. Kristen Stewart is still in negotiations to play Snow White in the film.

Meanwhile, "Rock of Ages" may have picked up Russell Brand, they lost Amy Adams, according to Deadline. The actress, who already has a bevy of projects lined up, including the "Superman" and "Muppets" reboots, would have played Cruise's love interest in the 80's music Broadway extravaganza.

Check out the rest of Thursday's (April 14) biggest casting news, including Ellen Page signing on for Woody Allen's latest.

When Ellen Met Woody

No matter how you feel about the guy, you've got to give him credit: Woody Allen knows how to cast an all-star movie. With Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, and Jesse Eisenberg already on board for his next project, Ellen Page has now joined the club. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress will join Woody and her cast mates in Rome for the film, which currently has no title and plot line revealed.

They Call Him "Mister Pip"

Hugh Laurie is headed to the big screen to help Lloyd Jones' best-selling novel "Mister Pip" come to life, THR reports. In it, Laurie will play the last white man left on a war-torn island in Papua New Guinea. There, he reopens a school and bonds with the children through his favorite book Great Expectations. Andrew Adamson will write, direct, and produce the adaptation.

Sally Field As Abe Lincoln's Mom. Honest.

Working for the first time together, Steven Spielberg has welcomed Sally Field aboard for his in-the-works biopic of Abraham Lincoln. Field will play wife to Daniel Day Lewis (who is taking on the role of the 16th President) as Mary Todd Lincoln, Deadline reports. The film, which will chronicle Lincoln's time in office during the end of the Civil War, is being penned by Tony Kushner.

Bond Girl Back In Action

Variety reports that Olga Kurylenko, who played the Bond girl in "Quantum of Solace," is joining Aaron Eckhart for the action thriller "The Expatriate." Both Eckhart and Kurylenko will play CIA agents and each others love interests in the film. The movie, which is directed by Philipp Stolzi, has already started shooting in Montreal.

Another Actor Moves To "21 Jump Street"

Variety also gave the news that actor DeRay Davis (last seen in "Life As We Know It") has joined the cast of the movie update of "21 Jump Street," which already includes the likes of Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Brie Larson. Davis will reportedly play a "bike gang leader called Domingo whose crew is involved in drug dealing."

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