'MTV First: Taylor Lautner': Our Five Favorite Moments With The 'Abduction' Star

You can learn a lot about somebody in thirty minutes. Whether they can cook, whether they can dance, or how they spend their free time. In the case of Taylor Lautner it was no, no, and freaking out about having down time.

Of course, we learned scads more about the actor during his sit-down chat with our own Josh Horowitz for his "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" special. In addition to premiering the trailer for his upcoming action thriller "Abduction" (definitely one of our favorite moments of the night over here at Movies Blog), the 19-year-old star shared stories from the set of "Breaking Dawn" and gave fan updates on future projects such as "Incarceron."

After the jump check out our five favorite moments from "MTV First: Taylor Lautner"!

Getting Caught Up In The "Abduction" Trailer

Who knew the kid had it in him? Even the biggest "Twilight" skeptic would have been impressed by the 19-year-old star kicking ass and taking names (all while learning his own) in the "Abduction" trailer. Making its debut right here on MTV, the trailer showed Taylor, among an all-star cast which includes Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, Alfred Molina, and fellow up-and-comer Lily Collins, trying to piece together his identity. In addition to the intriguing plot, there's also some great action movie one-liners and some over-the-top stunts (at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, no less!) that gave us the impression this could be one very fun popcorn movie.

Taylor Lautner Could Kick Our Ass

As if his physique in the "Twilight" flicks weren't enough to make us realize the 19-year-old could pummel us, the number he does on the bad guys in the "Abduction" trailer ought to do it. Of course, since he wasn't born that way (there is some justice in the world), Taylor went through some very extensive training. From boxing (which the star assured makes you a sweaty mess) to wrestling (which he picked up for the first time when he was 6-years-old) training, the teen heart throb came prepared. And as if that weren't enough, he did his own stunts for a scene in which he slides down a glass awning. "I really wanted to do that," he explained to MTV, despite that fact that he bruised up his hip as a result.

Tears For "Twilight"

Sure, Taylor is a tough guy on camera and when he's training. But, as it turns out, he's something of a softy, particularly when it comes to the end of the road for the "Twilight" saga. With just "a couple more days" left on the "Breaking Dawn" set, Taylor is gearing up to say goodbye to the cast and crew he's worked with for the past three years. "It's a crazy thought," the actor said, adding that he had "mixed emotions" on the departure from the franchise. "No one will admit it...but I guarantee there will be tears," Taylor said with a laugh. Even Taylor himself reluctantly admitted he'll likely find himself a little weepy on the last day of "Breaking Dawn."

K-Stew: Master Chef And Mama Vampire

If there's anyone Taylor will miss working with the most on the "Twilight" films, it seems its his co-star and real-life pal Kristen Stewart. In addition to whipping up some mean meals (including her famous tortilla soup) it seems the actress made Taylor really work on this last flick in the series. Taylor recalled to MTV shooting one of his favorite scenes recently, in which --SPOILER ALERT-- Bella (Stewart) appears as a newly-transformed and fiercely protective vampire. The scene, which takes place in the "backyard of the Cullen house," features a seriously ticked-off Bella throwing Jacob around like a rag doll.

A Busy, Busy Guy

While Taylor is sad to let go of the "Twilight" saga to a degree, he's also ready to move on. As he put it, the past few years have been nothing but "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!" But, it's not just "Abduction" the motivated actor has on his agenda. Taylor, who confessed he isn't a fan of down time (though he does like listening to Mumford and Sons and Wiz Khalifa) and certainly isn't spending his money frivolously (his last "big" purchase was an iPad), confirmed "Incarceron" is, in fact, in development and that he's currently working with Michael Bay on something that's in its early stages. Taylor said he was "very excited" about all of his upcoming projects, and as movie fans, we are, too.

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