'Scream 4' Reviews, Death Of The Flip Camera And 'Family Guy' Romance In Today's Twitter-Wood

Scream 4With the premiere of "Scream 4" only two days away, fans are already snatching up tickets. Moviegoers are buzzing about the horror film's place in the franchise. Will it live up to the "Scream" legacy? Lucky for us, a few celebrities got a sneak peek and they're tweeting all about it.

Meanwhile, love is in the tweets for "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlene, who was propositioned online by a household name. He plays it cool and responds with the only surefire way to win a girl’s heart: A Star Trek reference.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 13th, 2011.

"Scream 4" Pt 1: @50Cent: Scream 4 is crazy its real good you all have to go see it.

-50 Cent, Hip Hop Artist/Actor ("Get Rich or Die Trying")

"Scream 4" Pt 2: @nealbrennan: Based on the age of the cast of "Scream 4," I assume the killer in this one is osteoporosis.

-Neal Brennan, Writer/Director ("Chappelle's Show," "The Goods")

@dougbenson: The Kardashians ate a bowl of cream of mushroom and vanished from the Earth forever. #AmazingSoup #GoodFood

-Doug Benson, Comedian/Actor ("Super High Me")

@DavidSpade: gaga wiped out in concert.. bad combo : 9 inch heels and strobe lights. i should have warned her

-David Spade, Comedian/Actor ("Saturday Night Live," "Tommy Boy")

"Family Guy" Flirting Pt 1: @kirstiealley: @SethMacFarlane I have a huge crush on U...

- Kirstie Alley, Actress ("Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan")

"Family Guy" Flirting Pt 2: @sethmacfarlene: RT @kirstiealley: @SethMacFarlane I have a huge crush on U...// Well then... Take 'er out, Mr. Saavik.

-Seth MacFarlene, Writer/Creator ("Family Guy")

@Andy_Richter: Virtually anything can be made better by putting a runny fried egg on top of it. Especially Ryan Seacrest.

-Andy Richter, Comedian/Actor ("Conan," "The Tonight Show")

@Colin_Hanks: When I drove by the billboard asking "Do you flip?"I always thought someone was offering me drugs #RIPflipcamera

-Colin Hanks, Actor ("Roswell," "Mad Men")

Words of Wisdom: @JonahHill: Every time a sexy woman jumps out of a giant cake there is at least one guy who is bummed about the cake being ruined.

-Jonah Hill, Actor ("Superbad," "Get Him To The Greek")

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