Taylor Lautner Wigs Out On The 'Twilight' Set In Our #2 MTV Moment

2008 was a simpler time for Taylor Lautner. Still known primarily as the kid from "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D," the biggest concern for the then-16-year-old (egads!) wasn't yet relentless paparazzi and hardcore fans, but rather, the itchiness of his "Twilight" wig.

But even now with his increasingly-hectic life, the star is taking time to join us this Wednesday (April 13) for "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" for an interview, in which he'll take questions from fans and premiere the trailer for his upcoming action flick, "Abduction."

We've come to have a lot of our own fond memories of Taylor over these past few years, so in preparation for his special, we've been counting down our top five favorite MTV moments with Taylor. Thurs far we've looked back at his Gross(man) encounter of a Les kind, as well as his his ab-off with co-star Robert Pattinson, and a run-in with an inked-up Twi-hard.

In our #2 moment, we hop in the sorta-way-back machine to the set of the very first "Twilight," where Taylor told us all about the fake hair that helped him transform to teen wolf Jacob Black.

It was almost exactly three years ago on this date that MTV asked the heartthrob-in-the-making what it was like having to sport a long, black wig for the role. Taylor answered with a laugh, "Um, the wig is very interesting. I'm definitely going to have to get used to it."

But, the wig, which ran halfway down his back, required a very specific look. Taylor explained, "I think they wanted it parted down the middle, so I'll like flip one side back and one side in front." Take that, Willow Smith!

It seems "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke (spotted in the vid, having fun with her young star) and Taylor didn't want to have certain characters mistaken for his."I don't wanna do a pony tail because James, the evil vampire is doing a pony tail, so they don't want that contrast," Taylor told us of the complex vampire-werewolf hair politics.

But Taylor was going to rock that pony tail at some point, evil vampires be damned. "It gets kinda itchy at times," he said of the wig, "So I'm sure I'll be putting it in a pony tail or something while I'm just waiting around."

Lucky for Taylor, who griped to us that it was weird for him to look in the mirror sporting long hair, didn't have to wear that wig for too long. By 2009's "New Moon," Taylor got to rock his own natural short hair, complete with a side-order of impossibly ripped new abs.

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