'Cloverfield' Director Matt Reeves Adapting '8 O’Clock In The Morning' In Today's Dailies

CloverfieldDirector Matt Reeves, who scared the bejeezus out of us with "Let Me In" and "Cloverfield," is out to make his feel uneasy once again.

According to Deadline, Reeves is adapting Ray Nelson's chilling short story, "8 O’Clock in the Morning," about a man who has visions of aliens controlling society, for Universal. If it sounds familiar, it's because the 1988 John Carpenter classic "They Live" is also adapted from the short story. [Ed. Note: Pretty sure the short story doesn't include the most epic fist fight in the history of forever, though.] Don't expect this to be another remake, however, As Reeves plans to take nothing from "They Live" for his film.

Check out the rest of Monday's biggest news out of Hollywood, including Michael Shannon's casting in "Man of Steel" and plot details for "Tron 3" (yes, already!)

Oh, Zod! Michael Shannon Is In "Man of Steel"

Some "Superman" fans weren't terribly pleased with the decision to make General Zod the villain for Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man of Steel," they were at least pleased the casting for the role was the right choice. Michael Shannon ("Boardwalk Empire," "Revolutionary Road") will play the evil Zod, a part that previously belonged to Terrence Stamp in the 70's "Superman" films. While Zod wasn't always a main villain in the comic books, his presence in the movies gave the character a second life. With Shannon's casting, it seems that will be the case with a new generation of "Superman" fans.

"Tron 3": Two Times The Olivia Wilde and Cillian Murphy

It's of no surprise that "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski is already mapping out what will happen in the third installment. Kosinski (who has not yet officially been signed on to the project yet) told MovieWeb that "Tron 3" would focus on Olivia Wilde's character Quorra in the real world, as well as bringing us more from Cillian Murphy, who was uncredited in "Tron Legacy" as Dillinger's son. Kosinski explained: "That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of Tron."

Gasp! Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” Is "Breathtaking," Says Fassbender

If you've been waiting with baited breath to hear that Ridley Scott's upcoming project "Prometheus," which may or may not be a prequel to "Alien," is amazing, you can go ahead and exhale. Michael Fassbender told the Los Angeles Times about his work thus far on the Scott set: "I walk on the set and I feel like I’m walking on a spaceship. It’s breathtaking. All the various panels and screens and it’s just dealing with a top-notch art department and carpenters and the riggers and everything that goes into putting that together. It’s just, well, breathtaking, all of it."

Sly Stallone. "The Expendables 2." See You There.

Speaking of, er, breathtaking cinematic experiences, Screen Rant reports that Sylvester Stallone may just head behind the camera for "The Expendables 2" after all. Stallone starred in and directed the all-star, violence-laced 2010 action flick, which featured fellow elder ass kicking name takers such as Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, though recent word suggested he wasn't directing the sequel. We'll keep you posted as we hear more.

What do you think of Matt Reeves adapting "8 O’Clock in the Morning" for the big screen but not using any elements of "They Live"? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!