Taylor Lautner Is Permanently Remembered By A Fan In His #3 MTV Moment

If at one time or another you've found yourself a little put off, or scared even, of a Twi-hard, you're not alone. After all, no one knows that better than the cast of "The Twilight Saga" who have seen firsthand how fans can take their undying love for undying love a little too far.

Those same fans will have plenty of reason to get excited this Wednesday (April 13) when MTV News brings you "MTV First: Taylor Lautner," a sit-down interview with Taylor where he'll take fan questions and premiere the first trailer for his latest movie, "Abduction."

In honor of all this, we're taking a look back at our all-time favorite MTV moments with Taylor, all leading up to the big interview. So, it seemed only fitting that after we recollected the 19-year-old superstar's brush with Les Grossman and comparing abs with Robert Pattinson, we look at a moment in which Taylor told us a story about a seriously devoted fan.

In our #3 moment Taylor described how one hardcore Twi-hard figured out a way to have him with her... permanently.

When MTV News sat down with Taylor in the summer of 2010 in anticipation for "Eclipse," the actor recalled a huge fan event in Australia where he was signing autographs. Taylor, who is now seasoned in the art of signing arms ("Usually they don't have something for you to sign," he explained, "so they stick out their hand or their arm") came across one that really stuck out.

As Taylor went down the line of bare arms, marking them with his signature, he came across one that had "a gigantic wolf pack tattoo." And it definitely wasn't in honor of the guys from "The Hangover."

"I'm like, 'is that real?' And she's like, 'Yeah, feel it!' Yeah, okay, it's real," Taylor recalled with a laugh. "She goes, 'Can you sign right below it?' And I was like, 'Please don't tell me that she's going to tattoo this to her.' Sure enough, the very next day, I get a call from a buddy saying, 'Did you sign somebody's arm? Because she got it tattooed to her now!'"

Still, Taylor wasn't nearly as freaked out as you'd expect. Just, perhaps a little perplexed by the fan's choice. "I didn't know whether or not to feel bad or that it was cool," he said, adding, "It was so different!"

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