Luke Evans And Henry Cavill Discuss Zeus, Theseus Plotline In 'Immortals'

Although we still have quite a ways to wait for Tarsem Singh's sweeping, stylistic, sword and sandals epic "Immortals" to arrive in theaters, stars Henry Cavill and Luke Evans recently hit up WonderCon to start building some fan excitement.

We don't know too much about the film, other than the fact that it revolves around characters from Greek mythology and also stars Mickey Rourke, Kellan Lutz and Freida Pinto, so when we sat down with Cavill and Evans, we asked them to explain their characters and how they fit into Singh's world.

"Well, [I play] Zeus, so he's King of the Gods," Evans began.

"What?" Cavill interjected, pretending to be surprised at this news.

"King, of the Gods," Evans emphasized. "Not the Prince of the Gods, he's the King."

"Oh," Cavill said, still acting surprised. "I didn't play it that way," he joked.

"It was an interesting role to take on as a 31-year-old actor," Evans continued, trying to get serious for a minute.

"How old?" Cavill interjected again.

"Believe it," countered Evans.

"Sorry mate, I'll let you answer your question," Cavill said with a smile.

"In the film he's a law-giver, he's in a very straight-laced authoritive role in heaven," Evans explained. "But also he's observing what's going on on Earth and observing this young man Theseus who he guides uknowingly... Henry's character Theseus, he guides him as a young boy and rears him almost as a part to play, and then watches as this dark evil character, a manacing king, played by Mickey Rourke starts to basically, rampage across the land."

"Rampage across the known world," Cavile added.

"[Zeus] then watches, guides, and allows Theseus to find his way and become a leader of his people."

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