'Hanna' Star Saoirse Ronan Says There's 'Not Really' Any Truth To Her 'Anna Karenina' Involvement

Something tells me we'll be hearing Saoirse Ronan's name quite a bit in the coming years. Having already turned in stunning performances in "Atonement" and "The Lovely Bones," the Irish actress is about to deliver her most surprising turn yet as the central heroine of "Hanna," playing a teenage assassin raised in isolation and sent off into the world on a high-risk mission fueled by vengeance.

"Hanna," which arrives in theaters this weekend, marks the second collaboration between Ronan and director Joe Wright. It's no wonder that these two enjoy working together — their partnership has paid off in two very memorable movies thus far — but despite what you may have heard, don't bank on them reuniting for a third film, at least not just yet.

Rumors have pegged Saoirse for a supporting role in Wright's developing adaptation of Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina," with the director himself admitting that he'd like her to join the film. But as of now, Ronan says she's not a part of the project.

"Well, nothing… not really," she answered when asked if there was truth to her involvement in "Anna Karenina" (a title that I can't correctly pronounce, it seems). Disappointing news for many, as Ronan and Wright make a heck of a team, and the classic novel would provide the young actress with a great environment to test those chops even further.

Still, she's not closing the door on the possibility entirely: "There's a lot of things going on right now and nothing has really been confirmed. So we'll see."

So maybe there's still hope for "Anna Karenina" after all? On Saoirse's own recommendation, we'll wait and see. But if she doesn't find her way into the "Karenina" cast, there's still a good chance we'll see another collaboration between her and Wright in the near future — possibly even in the form of a "Hanna" sequel, in fact. More on that possibility next week!

What do you think of Ronan's comments? Think she'll pass on "Karenina," or do you see her joining the cast? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!