Javier Bardem In Final Negotiations For 'The Dark Tower' In Today's Casting Call

Javier BardemJavier Bardem, you have reached "The Dark Tower."

After months of casting rumors that eventually squared firmly on the "psychologically" locked Spanish actor, it now appears all but certain that Bardem will step into the role of gunslinger Roland Deschain. Deadline has the news (and we say thankya) that Bardem is close enough to completing his deal that director Ron Howard is already meeting with other actors to cast roles based on Bardem's commitment to a trilogy of films and a limited television run between each movie.

Bardem's nearly-sealed deal isn't the only casting news in the movies world today. After the jump, learn who's been cast as the villain opposite Jonah Hill in "21 Jump Street," who's playing a femme fatale in "The Three Stooges" and much more!

Riggling Towards "Jump Street"

Jonah Hill, prepare to meet your match. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that the hilarious Rob Riggle of "The Hangover" and "The Other Guys" fame is in negotiations to star opposite Hill and Channing Tatum as the villain of "21 Jump Street." Who knows what brand of villainy he subscribes to, but one can only hope that it involves tasers.

Seducing "Stooges"

Will Sasso and Sean Hayes have stepped into the difficult-to-fill shoes of Larry Fine and Curly in the Farrelly Brothers' "Three Stooges," and while the search is still on for their Moe, a femme fatale has entered the picture in the form of Sofia Vergara. THR reports that the "Modern Family" actress would play "a devious woman who pretends to be the wife of a dying man and tells the Stooges she'll pay them a handsome sum if they kill the man in his sleep."

Fichtner Finds "Elysium"

Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley, Jodie Foster and Wagner Moura are all headed for Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium," and now Variety reports that brilliant character actor William Fichtner is on board as well in an unspecified role. Even if you don't know his name, you've likely seen Fichtner's work as the defiant bank clerk in the opening scene of "The Dark Knight," the ruthless fugitive-hunting Alex Mahone on "Prison Break" and, most recently and most awesomely, the hysterically demonic Accountant in "Drive Angry."

"Silent Hill," "Taken 2" And More

Deadline has the rundown on several different casting scoops, so we'll run through 'em quickly: Jay Baruchel is joining Robert Pattinson in "Cosmopolis," Maggie Grace is reprising her role as Liam Neeson's daughter for "Taken 2," Carrie-Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell are driving into "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" and Ryan O'Nan has landed a lead opposite 50 Cent and Robert De Niro in the cop drama "Freelancers."

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