'Super 8': The Young Cast Reveal Plot Details, But Won't Say Who (Or What) Is Behind The Mystery

We don't know much about "Super 8," aside from teaser trailers and posters and such, but a lot of people will say that all the mystery surrouding the J.J. Abrams-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced summer flick have made it a must-see.

Me? I'm conflicted. One one hand, all my crazy-obsessed Abrams-worshipping friends will not. stop. frothing at the mouth all over this film, which can get annoying. [Editor's Note: I'm one of them, and Kara is crazy. Carry on.] But on the other hand, I had a chance encounter with the young stars of the film at the Kids Choice Awards, where their bright-eyed, unabashed enthusiasm and general adorable-ness has me sort of reinvested.

"The movie is about a group of six kids filming a zombie movie," Riley Griffiths told us of the "Super 8" plot. "And one night they’re filming in a train station and this car turns onto the tracks and there’s a head-on collision with the train. The train derails and everything is just exploding… we’re all caught up in the midst of this."

"The train crash, that was my favorite sequence," added Ryan Lee. "As soon as you see that train crash you’re going to want to start jumping out of your seats. I know we did."

The weirdness gets underway in earnest once the kids witness the train wreck, as Griffiths teased: "Once we get back, weird things start happening, like dogs start going missing, people start going missing, household appliances start going missing."

Regarding what the "it" is that is making these things go missing, mum's the word.

"The wicked witch comes and takes her broomstick back from all the households," Gabriel Basso joked.

"It’s all being taken away by something," Lee said. "Whatever it is, it’s scary. If I told you what it was, J.J. would probably fire me. On the spot."

Something tells us that nobody's going to fire any of these kids any time soon.

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