Jeremy Renner Reportedly Offered 'The Bourne Legacy,' And Here's Why We Love The Idea

Jeremy RennerWhen it was announced that the fourth installment of the "Bourne" series wouldn't include Jason Bourne (or, for that matter, Matt Damon, the actor who so ass-kickingly brought him to life for three ridiculously awesome movies), the consensus among fans was resoundingly similar: "What? How? Why? NO THANKS!"

But we imagine some of those opinions could change in light of rumors that Oscar-nominee Jeremy Renner could be a part of the upcoming film, "The Bourne Legacy."

Rest assured, "Bourne" purists, Renner wouldn't be filling Damon's shoes. Rather, as has been widely contended (including by Damon), the latest "Bourne" won't star that forgetful assassin, but a new character entirely. Latino Review reported over the weekend that an offer is out to Renner to take over the "Bourne" throne, potentially beating out a contentious group of actors including Dominic Cooper, Taylor Kitsch and Luke Evans.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but if an offer really is out there and if Renner accepted it, we would be more than pleased with the casting. After the jump, check out why we think the 40-year-old actor may be just what the new "Bourne" franchise needs to survive.

His Track Record

Jeremy Renner may have only gotten his "big break" in 2009 with the Academy Award-winning war drama "The Hurt Locker" (which just so happened to earn him his first Oscar nod for his star-marking turn as a bomb defuser), but the guy has been turning out great work for quite some time. From his leading role in the zombie horror sequel "28 Weeks Later" to smaller parts in dramas like the overlooked "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," Renner has been making an impression for years. More recently, he earned his second Oscar nomination, this time for Best Supporting Actor, for his outstanding performance as a seriously unhinged Boston bank robber in "The Town." The guy is, and has been, a force to be reckoned with.

His Big Future

That oh-so-impressive resume that finally caught Hollywood's attention is leading to some big future projects for Renner. Interestingly enough, Renner will be part of the upcoming "Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol," in which he's potentially being groomed to take over that film series from Tom Cruise. So, there's certainly faith in the guy that he can help take a series that already has a devoted fan base, to the next phase. He's also taking part in Joss Whedon's highly anticipated big screen version of "The Avengers," in which he'll play Clint Barton--aka Hawkeye.

His New Take

It's always a risky maneuver to have a new star take over a franchise (even when, in this case, they aren't really taking it over.) Ben Affleck didn't exactly win over Jack Ryan fans in "The Sum of All Fears." Then again, he was still playing Jack Ryan. By having Renner play an entirely new character in "The Bourne Legacy" he can breathe new life into what is a new film entirely. Plus, Renner and Damon bring entirely different degrees of intensity to the screen. So while Damon will always be Bourne, Renner could just as easily give new life to a new chapter.

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