New 'Super 8' Teaser Reveals New Secrets, Characters And More

At the end of the latest trailer for the highly anticipated blockbuster-to-be "Super 8", the announcer mentions that the film has not yet been rated. But, we think the preview needs to come with a different warning: Will Most Certainly Cause Goosebumps And A Dire Need To See This Movie RIGHTTHISINSTANT.

After all, here's a good, old fashioned movie that's not only produced by one of the masters of cinema, Steven Spielberg, but it's written and directed by J.J. Abrams, a man who has made television an event over the past few years, helped make "Star Trek" cool for a new generation, among other amazing achievements.

From the teaser and full-length trailers, we've come to learn that "Super 8" surrounds a group of kids in 1979 who witness a horrendous train accident while they're filming a movie on their super 8 camera. Some very strange things start to happen in their small Ohio town and the mystery of what exactly was on that train and why it's causing these bizarre happenings begins to unfold.

Now, in a recently released TV spot, we've come to find three more things that have us super pumped about the flick, which arrives in theaters on June 10. After the jump check out our picks for the best moments from the newest teaser.

The Kids Are All Right

While so many of the previews and the buzz surrounding "Super 8" has been about what's in the train (Vegas odds are on aliens) and all the strange happenstance that occurs after the train crash, the latest trailer emphasizes what a big role the kids in the movie will play. After all, its their super 8 camera that captures the big moment.

In the new trailer, we learn that a group of friends, with a penchant for making their own monster movies, stumble upon a real-life horror scene when they witness the crash that changes everything. The young cast -- which includes Elle Fanning and newcomer Joel Courtney -- seem to embody the childlike wonder, mystery, and amazement that Spielberg and Abrams have made so much a part of their classics. After all, what would "E.T." have been without Elliot, or "Lost" without Walt? Likewise, the kids of "Super 8" will no doubt be the key to figuring out what's going on here.

It's A Mystery

Since "Super 8" is already shrouded in secrecy, it's fitting that it's also nearly impossible to define it. From the previews we've seen, there's elements of drama, action, adventure, comedy, horror, science fiction, romance, and a big dose of nostalgia. But perhaps its most notable defining quality is that it's also a mystery movie.

After the children witness the catastrophic event, a man, clearly hurt after the accident, warns them, "Do not speak of this, if you do, they will find you." Wait... who will find them?! Why can't they talk about it?! How come these blasted goosebumps won't go away?! But the trailer leaves even more questions. What exactly is inside of the train? What's making objects in the town move around on their own? Why are things blowing up? Why are people starting to disappear? Why, oh why, isn't this movie in theaters yet?

Kyle Chandler: Movie Star

For television fans, Kyle Chandler is like the world's best kept secret. Here's one of the finest actors working today, and he's all ours. For five seasons, Chandler molded one of the greatest television characters of all time, high school football coach Eric Taylor, on the criminally underrated "Friday Night Lights." Chandler's performance as the stoic, headstrong, but all-heart, coach, father, and husband was always moving without being showy.

So, it's with mixed emotions that we see Chandler in the "Super 8" trailer. While it's wonderful that he's going to be the star he so rightly deserves to be, he's no longer just ours anymore. In the new clip Chandler brings his likability, intensity and good looks to the big screen, but, most notably, those unparalleled acting chops as a cop and father caught up in the mystery which has taken over his town. From his relationship to his son to the no-nonsense chat with someone obviously covering up the accident ("I've got nine people missing now...things happen around here that I can't explain"), in less than a minute movie fans will see what TV lovers have for years: Kyle Chandler is a star.

Which part of the latest "Super 8" trailer has you the most excited for the movie? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!