'Tron Legacy' DVD Clip Shows Michael Sheen's Intense Fandom

"Tron: Legacy" arrives on DVD and Blu-ray next week (April 5), bringing the stylized technological world of the Gaming Grid out of the theaters and straight into your living room.

To mark the occasion, we've got a look at a behind-the-scenes feature from the "Legacy" DVD and Blu-ray with a featurette that chronicles Michael Sheen's transformation into the florescent and flamboyant Castor, the bleach-blond program in charge of the End of Line Club.

In the clip, Sheen reveals that he's a lifelong "Tron" fan, so much so that his strong desire to be a part of the franchise's 2010 overhaul almost eclipsed his agents' ability to snag him a fair deal. As a result, Sheen had to be a little bit sneaky when approaching the project.

"There was a problem because I was so desperate to be in it that there were absolutely no bargaining chips for my agents to deal with," he revealed. "So I had to on the one hand pretend that I was unsure about this, while on the other hand, all I wanted to do was dive in."

"I needed an actor who could bring a completely different energy into the film at that point, and he blew us all away with that performance," director Joe Kosinski assessed of Sheen's performance. "He just gave it his all."

Sheen's performance was so dazzling, in fact, that his co-star (and leading man) Garrett Hedlund revealed that he couldn't even focus on Sheen's words when acting opposite the British performer. Upon hearing that comment, Sheen couldn't help but laugh: "That's nice to know. It's nice to know that we're in a take, you're right there with me."

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