'Transformers: Dark Of The Moon' Casts Leonard Nimoy As Optimus Prime's Big Brother

TransformersEven in his so-called retirement, it appears that Leonard Nimoy is both living long and prospering.

The "Star Trek" icon, who declared his retirement from acting following his work as William Bell on the second season of "Fringe," is stepping back into the spotlight for a high-profile turn in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." Entertainment Weekly reports that Nimoy has been tasked with supplying the voice of Sentinel Prime, Optimus' big brother and predecessor.

Nimoy's casting in "Dark of the Moon" is awesome for numerous reasons, and we've got a bunch of 'em listed for you after the jump!

He's Perfect For The Part

Nimoy's voice is one of the most recognizable of any science fiction icon. Pairing him with Peter Cullen as the Prime siblings is more than enough reason to get excited for Michael Bay's third and supposedly final "Transformers" film, if you weren't already enthusiastic enough as is.

He's Unretired

Is this the first move towards un-retirement for Nimoy? We certainly hope so—after all, the man has some unfinished business as William Bell on "Fringe," even if the sci-fi show's producers have figured out a way to keep Bell going without Nimoy's involvement. Between that series and future "Star Trek" movies, we certainly hope Nimoy's "Transformers" participation isn't a one-time gig.

He's A Transformers Veteran

It's true! Nimoy supplied the voice of Galvatron in "Transformers: The Movie," the classic 1986 animated flick that remains one of my very favorite movies of all time, cartoon or otherwise. After he's mortally wounded in a battle against Optimus Prime, Megatron finds himself at the mercy of Unicron, a planet-eating robot that gives the Decepticon leader new life as the remodeled Galvatron.

Words don't explain the full extent of Galvatron's badassery, but seeing is believing—watch as Galvatron takes vengeance against Starscream, the arrogant Decepticon traitor who left him to die in the first place, and start getting pumped for Nimoy's "Dark of the Moon" role, even if he's now on the side of the angels.

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