In 'Tron Uprising,' Bruce Boxleitner Explores The Animated Gaming Grid

Tron UprisingWith the DVD of “Tron: Legacy” hitting shelves next week (April 5), fans are in for a load of new material – but that’s not all they have to look forward to.

Next year, "Tron" lovers can tune in to Disney XD and see the next chapter in the epic sci-fi franchise when the animated series “Tron: Uprising” makes its debut. The 10-part series is set between the time of the first film and last December’s “Tron: Legacy,” showing the titular Tron training a new program to take up his cause. For actor Bruce Boxleitner, it’s a long-overdue chance to fill in this missing chapter for the franchise and his character.

“In this story, Tron is a much more battle-hardened warrior than you’ve seen before,” the veteran actor tells MTV News. “It’s like 'The Mask of Zorro' where he’s looking for a young one to train and to have that master-student relationship.”

Besides the fact that he plays the titular character in the franchise, Boxleitner has been involved in virtually every incarnation of “Tron” from the two films, the new shorts included in the “Tron: Legacy” DVD and in the video games that have come out since the original movie. But for “Tron: Uprising,” he’s excited about the new actors joining him on the Grid.

“We’ve got Elijah Wood and Lance Henricksen on the series, and it’s been wonderful,” Boxleitner says. “I actually just got back from recording the second episode.”

Boxleitner is excited to have been able to play “Tron” and his real world character Alan Bradley through different walks of life – and it’s been a challenge as well: “Tron’s rough; scarred up. So when I’m recording the voice I do what I can to relay that different than in previous works.”

The actor has more than a little help in depicting Tron in this untold tale, as the animation process is on the cutting edge. Supervised by Disney and both the original director and screenwriters of “Tron: Legacy,” “Uprising” is set to feature both 2-D animation as well as CGI.

“The animation is just fabulous – it’s the current version of the Grid as seen in 'Tron: Legacy,'” he explained. “And they’ve got some incredible artists making it real.”

With the “Tron: Uprising” animated series set for debut in the summer of 2012, it will mark the 30-year anniversary for this storied franchise: “For both my character and the franchise, this new animated series continues on as an evocative new chapter in its life.”

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