Tell Us What You Think Of Arnold Schwarzenegger As 'The Governator' [POLL]

The GovernatorAfter weeks of speculation, we finally know what Arnold Schwarzenegger's first entertainment endeavor post-governorship is going to be — and it was staring us in the face all along.

No, it's not a new "Terminator" flick, nor is it a role in the "Avatar" sequel. Instead, Schwarzenegger is keeping his political status firmly intact, with a twist: he is indeed "The Governator," his new comic book and animated superhero co-created by legendary Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee.

The character isn't just based on Arnold, he is Arnold: after leaving office, Schwarzenegger becomes a crime-fighter based out of his high-tech "Arnold Cave" hidden beneath his Brentwood home, where he designs strategies to take out the menacing Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-Cons, better known by the acronym — wait for it — "G.I.R.L.I.E. Men."

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that this comeback project is going to be a bit divisive for Arnold fans. Those of us who remember him most fondly for his muscles-and-manliness, face-to-the-wall, hard-R action flicks likely won't be pumped up about "The Governator." A lot of us want more blood and F-bombs with our Arnold, and that's more than understandable.

But don't forget the great comedy classics of Schwarzenegger's career: "Kindergarten Cop," "Twins," "Jingle All The Way." If it plays out somewhere in that humor spectrum, I think "The Governator" could be fun. And besides, this is an animated project — Schwarzenegger's live-action return is still not set in stone, so there's a very good chance that his next big-screen outing will have more of the bone-crunching action some of us are hoping for.

What do YOU think of Arnold's new project? Excited about it? Furiously disappointed? Big fat meh? Sound off in our poll below and keep the conversation going in the comments section and on Twitter!

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