James Franco Excited To Work With Mila Kunis On 'Oz,' Danny McBride Wants A Flying Monkey Cameo

We still don't know much about Sam Raimi's mysterious forthcoming film, "Oz The Great And Powerful," but the fact that James Franco and Mila Kunis are set to star has our curiosity decidedly piqued. As such, when we stopped by the press day for "Your Highness" recently, we had to ask Franco for some details about the film, particularly what tone Raimi is taking with his trip into "Oz" and his thoughts on his co-star.

“It will have a lot of humor," Franco said, adding that he's very excited to work with Kunis on a big project. "I’ve done two small things with her. I’ve done something for Funny Or Die, a spoof of 'The Hills' TV show, and then we did a little scene in 'Date Night.' She’s great, I love working with her."

Regarding "Oz," however, Franco said Raimi's approach will have a "mix of tones."

"Sam Raimi, the director, is I think a master of capturing a feeling of old Hollywood charm and matching it with the latest technology," Franco explained. "So he’s going to create the amazing world and take people to this place. The characters are very funny in a old Hollywood way.

Franco added that filming is set to begin in July, in Detroit, at which point Danny McBride, Franco's "Your Highness" co-star, interjected that he'd like to come visit the set, maybe do a cameo as a flying monkey.

“It’s going to be like a warehouse with green screen but yeah, come hang out," Franco said to McBride, joking that the "Eastbound and Down" star is probably "too big" to do a bit part. "If you really want to, I could get you in as a flying monkey.”

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