'Lost' In One Tweet And Ashley Green's Million Followers In Today's Twitter-Wood

LostAfter six seasons and one heck of a divisive ending, we're still not entirely positive that we get the meaning of "Lost." But if you're hoping for some clarification from series co-creator Damon Lindelof, well, you're in luck.

"Damaged people crash on damaged island. People fix each other, then island. All consumed in bright light. Yay! (or Boo!)" Lindelof wrote on Twitter, in response to a challenge to summarize "Lost" in a single tweet. We'd say he lived up to the occasion, wouldn't you?

In other Twitter-Wood news, Lindelof had more to say on a very different subject, and we're also shedding some light on James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent trip to Brazil past the jump!

Whoever Wields Thor's Hammer…

…his name probably isn't Damon Lindelof. The aforementioned "Lost" guru and writer of the upcoming "Star Trek" sequel and "Prometheus" heard about a story where Chris Hemsworth, who stars as the God of Thunder in Marvel's latest comic book flick, got so heavily muscled that he couldn't fit into his own costume. "#PROBLEMSIWILLNEVERHAVE," he tweeted, reflecting the immediate reaction of your friendly neighborhood Twitter-Wood correspondent!

"Avatar" In Brazil

Remember that trip James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Brazil? Turns out it wasn't a courtship for the "Avatar" sequel as we'd hoped, but it was a noble mission nonetheless: "I wasn't in Brazil for fun. I was there to help tribal people fight the dams that are going to destroy their homes and forest." Cameron also said that he hopes to bring the "Avatar" cast down to the Brazilian rain forests to prepare for the forthcoming sequels.

"Source Code" Scares

As the director of the claustrophobic "Moon" and the pulse-pounding "Source Code," you'd think there isn't much that could frighten Duncan Jones. But you'd be wrong, as he showed his Twitter followers the one thing that scares him about movie premieres. We'd be scared too, Duncan!

Ashley's Lucky Million

It's not easy amassing Twitter followers, but "Twilight" superstar Ashley Greene sure makes it look that way: "I hit a million followers! Thats so awesome! You guys rock :) !! Way to start my day with a smile!"

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