Not So Fast, 'Miss Marple'! Jennifer Garner Reboot Isn't A Done Deal, According To Reports

Jennifer GarnerYesterday's news that Jennifer Garner is headlining a revival of "Miss Marple" in an updated take on the classic Agatha Christie character was met with no small amount of backlash, but if you're worried about the Garner reboot deviating too far from the source material, well, hold your horses — it's not a done deal quite yet.

Following up on their original report, Deadline reveals that Chorion, the company which owns the rights to Agatha Christie, has informed the BBC that Disney's plan to reboot "Miss Marple" is not a done deal.

MTV reached out to Chorion for clarification, but the company's representatives have issued a no comment on the story. Stay tuned — we'll bring you any further updates as we get them.

In the meantime, let's take a minute to suggest something unpopular — is Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple really such a bad idea? What if Garner spends the bulk of the movie oscillating between an older Marple and a younger version of the elderly detective? With heavy makeup effects, Garner could easily transform herself into the traditional Marple we know and love, while the film's central mystery could tie back to an earlier period of her life. We have no idea on the alleged reboot's plot, so perhaps it's a bit too early to judge.

Alright, fine, I'm just a Jennifer Garner apologist. ("Alias" for life, y'all!) After all, when there are more age-appropriate actresses out there like Helen Mirren or Maggie Smith as one reader suggested, I'll admit that it's a bit of a challenge to envision Garner as the best fit for the beloved spinster.

Are you happy or disappointed to hear that the "Miss Marple" reboot isn't quite set in stone? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!