Hailee Steinfeld Brings 'True Grit' To 'Sleeping Beauty'

Hailee SteinfeldThe fairy tale fever sweeping through Hollywood has claimed one more actor in the form of Hailee Steinfeld.

The 14-year-old "True Grit" actress, who rightfully earned an Oscar nomination with her stunning performance as the fearless Mattie Ross, is attached to play the title role in a new take on "Sleeping Beauty," Deadline reports. But don't expect this teenage bad-ass to take the proceedings lying down—in this version of the classic tale, the story is "told from [Steinfeld's] point of view as she enters the dream world and has to find her way out."

We have little doubt that Steinfeld is more than up to the task of fighting through the fierce world of dreams, if her "True Grit" experience is any indication of her capabilities. After the jump, see what we're expecting from the erstwhile Mattie.

She'll Meet A Man of True Grit

Forget Prince Charming, the man of Steinfeld Beauty's dreams wears an eyepatch, slurs his words, reeks of liquor and shoots to kill. With Rooster Cogburn by her side, there's no dream too scary for Steinfeld.

She'll Haggle

But she doesn't need Cogburn's help; based on the negotiation tactics she displayed as Mattie Ross in "True Grit," we're pretty sure that Steinfeld Beauty can bluff her way out of any nightmare.

She'll Shoot

If diplomacy doesn't work, that's what the side-arm is for. Maybe not the best shot in the west, Steinfeld nonetheless got the job done when push came to shove, even if it cost her a half-literal arm and a leg. Dream-invaders beware, you're in Steinfeld Beauty's crosshairs!

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