Jackie Chan Lives And The Bronx Zoo Cobra Gets Social In Today's Twitter-Wood

Jackie ChanReports of Jackie Chan's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Despite the fact that "RIP Jackie Chan" has been a trending topic on Twitter all day, the coast is thankfully clear for one of our favorite martial arts action stars of all time.

"He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports," reports Chan's official Twitter feed. "Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie."

With that bit of business out of the way, it's time to see what else is going on in Twitter-Wood. After the jump, Steve Martin's quest against the Bronx Zoo Cobra continues while Jon Favreau offers a tantalizing tease at his WonderCon plans!

Cobra Strikes

Steve Martin has been waiting for his chance to chase down the escaped Bronx Zoo cobra, and now he has his shot: "Phone rings. Caller ID: Bronx Zoo. I put on King Tut hat, ready for action. It’s the snake. Hard to hear. Lots of hissing on line." But perhaps he's looking in the wrong place, as Julie Benz learned that the Cobra has made a discovery of his own: Twitter.

WonderCowboys & Aliens

Are you attending WonderCon this weekend? If so, get ready for a special look at "Cowboys & Aliens," as Jon Favreau announced to his followers that he's hitting up the San Francisco comics show with "some footage" in tow.

The Hardships of Twitter

Tweeting isn't always easy business, even if — indeed, especially because — you only have a 140 character limit. Albert Brooks, new to the social networking service, is learning this the hard way: "I used to feel a sense of accomplishment when I wrote a screenplay, or a book, or had a child. Now I'm going for sentences here. Damn."

"Arthur"-ian Legend

Russell Brand's latest cinematic effort is just days away, but not everyone has kind words to say about the impending "Arthur" reboot. Comedian Michael Ian Black comments on the subject: "Shocked how quickly Russell Brand wore out his welcome with me." Can't say we agree, but everyone has the right to his or her own opinion!

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