Chris Pine Moves Forward With 'Star Trek' Sequel Before Jack Ryan Reboot

Chris PineMeet James Kirk, the fearless Starfleet captain whose wits are matched only by his willingness to throw himself into danger. Meet Jack Ryan, the razor-sharp analyst who will one day become the President of the United States.

Chances are good that you've already met both of these men, but only one of them is coming soon to a theater near you — for now, at least.

Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures is putting its planned Jack Ryan reboot on the backburner for now while they focus on "Star Trek 2," which could start production as soon as this fall. Leading man Chris Pine is the actor tasked with playing both Kirk and Ryan, but it looks like we'll be seeing him in his familiar Starfleet uniform before he dons Ryan's suit-and-tie.

The reason for the delay? Paramount had reportedly hoped to put the Ryan reboot — loosely titled "Moscow" — into production before the "Star Trek" sequel, but the process of perfecting the film's screenplay has been a slow-going one. Numerous writers have come aboard the Ryan reboot including Adam Cozad (who authored "Dubai," a screenplay that later became the skeleton for rebooting the classic Tom Clancy property) and Anthony Peckham. Writer Steve Zaillian, who had a hand in previous Ryan adventures "Clear and Present Danger" and "Patriot Games," was briefly on board to retool the "Moscow" script, but Deadline reports that he "had a change of heart and withdrew within the last two weeks."

With the "Star Trek" sequel further along in development — Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof are hard at work on the script — it makes sense for Paramount to zero in on that already thriving franchise before rushing a Ryan reboot into theaters. But will Pine still be available for the film once Paramount is finally ready to pull the trigger? That's a question for another day — for now, it's full speed ahead on "Star Trek 2."

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