'The Hunger Games' Searches For Peeta And Gale In Today's Dailies

Hunter Parrish"The Hunger Games" may have found its Katniss Everdeen in the form of Jennifer Lawrence, but the hunt is still on for her two leading men.

A list of actors tapped to read for the role of Peeta Mellark has hit the web, and Hollywood Crush has the rundown on the fan favorites who made the cut (most notably Hunter Parrish) and those who didn't (goodbye, Alex Pettyfer). There were also a few actors noted who were expected to try out for the other lead, Gale, including "Hunger Games" fan Liam Hemsworth.

After the jump, find out which "Twilight Saga" actor is in talks for "Dark Shadows," who has joined the "Three Stooges" as Curly and whether Saoirse Ronan is in or out of "The Hobbit."

Michael Sheen May Join "Dark Shadows"

Tim Burton already has Johnny Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green, Bella Heathcote, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter on his side for "Dark Shadows," but now The Playlist is reporting that Michael Sheen might also be stepping into the occult again. His role hasn't been announced, but it is expected to be a smaller part like how he was the voice of the White Rabbit in Burton's adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland."

"The Three Stooges" Has Found Its Curly

Deadline is reporting that, at long last, the "Three Stooges" remake is close to casting all of its leading men. MadTV alum Will Sasso had nailed down the role of Curly, and the site hears that Hank Azaria and James Marsden are frontrunners for the roles of Moe and Larry, respectively. Casting should be confirmed by the end of the week.

Saoirse Ronan Is Still Waiting On "The Hobbit"

Does Saoirse Ronan have a role in "The Hobbit"? Well, even she doesn't know yet. "Pete is adding a lot of characters in the film adaption," she told The Los Angeles Times. "Hopefully they have a part for me." This backs up what we last heard, which was that nothing had been confirmed yet.

It's A Hard-Knock Life For "Annie"

Despite the involvement of Will Smith, Willow Smith and Jay-Z, Ryan Murphy couldn't remain aboard the upcoming reboot of "Annie." Deadline is reporting that "talks broke off" and Murphy has stepped away from the project, but we're guessing some other able director will replace him soon enough.

Owen Wilson And Rachel McAdams Reteam For "Midnight In Paris"

If you weren't already dying to go to Paris, the trailer for Woody Allen's latest should convince you. Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams reteam for the first time since "Wedding Crashers" in a film that doesn't look like it will be quite as light and bubbly. Enter Michael Sheen and Marion Cotillard, and you've got a full-on Allen dramedy on your hands.

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