Russell Brand Wants To Play Nikki Sixx And Tommy Lee In 'The Dirt'

Preparing for an interview with Russell Brand is basically a fruitless endeavor, in that he will take whatever question you manage to ask, half answer it and then digress into sordid and/or hilarious territory. Such was the case when I chatted with him at the "Arthur" press day over the weekend, where a discussion about a 35-year-old billionaire with a nanny lent itself toward the ridiculous.

Eventually, we got around to discussing the movie adaptation of Neil Strauss' Motley Crue bio, "The Dirt," and the fact that Strauss recently told me that the film's screenwriter Rich Wilkes wants Brand to play Tommy Lee.

Before I even got to my actual question as to whether he'd be interested in the movie, Brand pronounced the man he'd like to play: "Nikki Sixx!"

I then pointed out that Wilkes was thinking of him for Tommy Lee instead.

"Oh thank you," he said with a sly smile. "I know he's packing. T-bone Tommy Lee. Yeah."

After some more back-and-forth, we got around to Brand admitting definite interest in the project.

"Yeah, I'd be up for that, but I want to be Nikki Sixx," he said, before changing his mind. "I'd be Tommy Lee, I'd be any of them."

Why Nikki Sixx over Tommy Lee?

"The hair," he said, then joked: "The smack ... no, enough drugs already."

If he were to play Tommy Lee, Brand said he'd want a scene with Lee's equally famous ex-wife.

"Yeah, [I'd] have Pamela Anderson be in it, on the yacht," he said, referring to a certain sex tape. "That would be a good scene."

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