The Bronx Zoo Cobra And Amy Adams Is Lois Lane In Today's Twitter-Wood

Amy AdamsIf you're traveling through or near the Bronx Zoo in New York today, keep an eye out for the poisonous Egyptian cobra that has gone missing. News of such a reptilian menace on the loose would send most even-tempered individuals into a frenzy, but not Steve Martin — no, the "Father of the Bride" funny man is ready to make his move if necessary.

"An Egyptian cobra has escaped and is hiding in the Bronx zoo," Martin wrote today on Twitter. "I’m sitting in my King Tut hat by the phone awaiting their call for help."

Martin's willingness to combat poisonous snakes isn't the only interesting thing going on in the Twitter-verse today. After the jump, find out who didn't audition for Lois Lane in "Superman," which movie stars are celebrating birthdays and much more!


Amy Adams has won the coveted role of Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's "Superman," beating out a slew of other talented competitors in the process. One person she didn't beat is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, however, as the "Scott Pilgrim" actress reports: "I never auditioned for Lois. Not that there would have been any hope with Amy Adams as competition :) she'll be great."

"American Gods" Complex

It looks like Neil Gaiman's critically acclaimed novel "American Gods" is on the cusp of a big-screen adaptation, but the novelist himself warns his fans not to get too excited just yet. He directed his followers to an interview he gave on the subject, "which is all I'll say until things are announced."

Larry King, He Lives!

"Glee" comedian Jane Lynch made a startling discovery earlier today about Larry King, confirming our worst fears: "HOLY S***. Roddy was right!!! THEY LIVE!!! #formaldehydeface #Obey #Consume #ThisIsYourGod"

Birthday Bash

A big shout-out to "Paul" co-star Nick Frost, who celebrates his 39th birthday today. Join his pal and frequent collaborator Edgar Wright in giving the man some praise, will ya? And if you missed it, recently anointed Geek God Nathan Fillion ushered in his 40th birthday just yesterday. Never too late for a birthday shout-out!

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