'Your Highness' Stars James Franco And Danny McBride Reveal The Secrets Of Friendship

Of the many reasons to adore "Pineapple Express," the bromance between James Franco and Danny McBride stands at the top of the pile. We'll get to see those comedic powerhouses join forces again soon when their medieval fantasy stoner comedy "Your Highness" lights up theaters (literally and figuratively) on April 8.

We're sure that many of you have looked at the dynamic between Franco and McBride with some jealousy in your hearts, wondering what exactly you would have to do to carve out a place for yourself in that abundantly awesome friendship. Well, intrepid MTV reporter Josh Horowitz dug into that very question in the latest edition of After Hours, called "Male Bondage."

What he learned will frighten, astonish and amaze you. Watch the video for the results and click past the jump to read what he endured on the road to friendship.

Farts And Humps

If you're going to be friends with James Franco, you have to be willing to withstand the Oscar host's tendency to fart on his pals. It gets worse, too: not only must you share in Franco's flatulence, you'll also need to prepare yourself for inappropriate bump-and-grinding. As if there's any other kind.

Drink And Dance

Horowitz made the fateful mistake of asking if dancing brings friends closer together. In McBride's view, it does — so long as we're talking about doing the worm while drinking from a beer helmet. Not as easy as walking and chewing gum, we'll tell you that.

Avoid Embarrassing Secrets

If you have a childhood trauma that haunts you to this day, do yourself a favor and don't tell your friends about it — not if your friends are Franco or McBride, at least. Those guys won't ever let you hear the end of it.

Twist And Shout

Playing Twister with friends seems like a fine idea on the surface, but if you're playing with Franco and McBride, watch out — those dudes are absolutely ruthless.

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