'Fringe' Returns For Season Four, And Here Are Five Reasons Why We're Thrilled

FringeAfter a midseason move from Thursday to Friday nights, fans of Fox's critically acclaimed but criminally under-viewed "Fringe" were understandably worried about the fate of the show. But ratings have held strong in its move to a time slot that's traditionally viewed as a death sentence, so much so that "Fringe" is now officially coming back for a 22-episode fourth season.

This is very good news, in case you were wondering, and after the jump, we're sharing the top five reasons that the "Fringe" renewal is putting a smile on our faces.

Getting So Much Better All The Time

"Fringe" went through some serious highs and lows during season one, less so in season two. But in season three, the show has finally hit its stride. Every subsequent episode of the current season keeps getting better and better, expertly blending mythological advancement with compelling mystery-of-the-week storytelling. Without a doubt, there has never been a better time to be a "Fringe" fan than right now.

There's More Than One Of Everything

The world of "Fringe" is filled with memorable characters, many of them sporting the same faces as each other. That's because there are multiple universes at play here, with at least two different versions of every character (with a few notable exceptions). It keeps the show fresh for both the viewer and, presumably, the cast and crew, creating a show that always looks familiar but feels brand new.

Noble Causes

Two words: Walter Bishop. Yes, "Fringe" has a fantastic ensemble cast with few to zero areas of weakness, but John Noble is far and away the leader of the pack. His quirky scientist is easily one of the greatest characters currently on television, and getting to spend more time with good old Walter — and the menacing Walternate as well — is nothing but a good thing.

Doomsday Approaches

We'll keep the spoilers at a minimum in case you're behind on your "Fringe" viewing, but suffice it to say that the fit has hit the shan. Our heroes are on a collision course with a device equipped with world-ending capabilities, and by the time season four begins, it's entirely possible that we'll be down to one universe. But with a fourth season officially in the books, at least we know the world won't be completely destroyed — or so we hope!

Friday Night Lights

DVR and online viewing venues are all good and dandy, but for "Fringe" fanatics, our Friday night plans are officially set in amber for the foreseeable future. We hope you'll join us for the ride.

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